About Shonan area


Shonan is the Sagami Bay coastal area from the western coast of Miura Peninsula to Manazuru Pass in southern Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.  The climate is relatively warm and natural, and the landscape is excellent, so it has developed as a resort, villa, and tourist resort. In recent years, the Shonan brand has attracted more people from within Tokyo. The weekend is also a popular spot for people who like marine sports, people who visit temples and shrines, and people who enjoy nature. 
The blue line on the map is Shonan area.
The most popular areas in Shonan are Kamakura, Fujisawa, Chigasaki and Zushi.

Popular areas in Shonan  湘南の人気エリア

■ Fujisawa City 藤沢市

A tourist city with Enoshima, a popular tourist and date spot, and beaches Kugenuma, Tsujido, and Katase Coast, popular with surfers. The Enoshima Aquarium near the Katase Beach is also very popular.

 Kamakura city 鎌倉市

This is a very popular area with sightseeing spots such as a shrine with a history and a beautiful coast. There are many delicious restaurants, so you can enjoy a day from sightseeing to eating. Komachi Street near Kamakura Station is particularly popular among foreigners as there are delicious food shops and Japanese souvenir shops.

■ Zushi city 逗子市


Zushi city is a charming town with a calm beach and a beautiful marina with a calm atmosphere. There are many fashionable cafes and restaurants that are popular among women.