Gourmet,  kamakura



Curry shop “oxymoron” which is popular in Kamakura. Kamakura has two stores, Komachi and Onari. There are many famous shops around Komachi, so I feel more crowded than Onari. Komachi store was crowded on this day so go to Onari store. I waited for about 20 minutes for 7 pairs. If there are people in front of the store, first register the number of people on the tablet placed immediately after entering the store, and take a numbered ticket. There is no need to be near a store, as the numbered ticket has a QR code and you can view the order on your mobile phone. I was waiting while looking at the menu in front of the shop. There are a number of wooden desks that have been called up and entered into the store. There is also a counter seat where you can look out. There are several menus in the Komachi store, but the onari stores have two types of “Japanese-style key mackerel” and “ethnic safari curry” each for ¥ 1200.