kamakura,  Shrines and Temples

[鎌倉] 出世したい人におススメ!フォトジェニックな赤い鳥居が印象的『佐助稲荷神社』



A shrine that nestles quietly in a residential area in Sasuke, Kamakura. There is a little distance from Kamakura Station, but it is a good distance to walk around.  Sasuke Inari is a shrine that promoted and realized the Heike in Yoritomo,  It is known as a shrine that has the benefits of advancement from the beginning to the present. The red torii standing at the entrance is impressive.  The photo under the red torii that looks like a tunnel looks like an SNS. In the precincts, a lot of frogs are enshrined as an Inari priest, creating a fantastic atmosphere. It seems that the god of marriage is also enshrined, so it is recommended for those who want to advance or fulfill romance!